Embitel @ CAEV Expo 2023

Experiences and Takeaways as an Exhibitor of Automotive, EV and IOT Innovations

Embitel Technologies recently participated in the Connected and Electric Vehicle (CAEV) Expo 2023, held at the Karnataka Trade Promotion Organization (KTPO) in Bangalore on 13th and 14th April. The event, organized by Telematics Wire, was a platform for automotive manufacturers and their ecosystem of partners to showcase their latest innovations and new business models.

With India emerging as a global automobile manufacturing hub and the introduction of advanced technologies like ADAS, connected car tech, digital instrument cluster, mobile app-based controls, etc., CAEV Expo 2023 witnessed new launches, vehicle displays, trade dialogues and large-scale participation of professionals from across the globe.

The event featured a two-day long conference with keynote sessions, lead talks, and high-level panel discussions. Over 60 Indian and international speakers, more than 200 exhibition booths, 5000+ delegates, and visitors came together to give us a glimpse into the future of mobility

The event venue, KTPO, had a huge hall with a 6000 sq m covered exhibition space and a large parking facility.

Event Focus Areas

CAEV Expo 2023 was the strategic meeting place for the ever-evolving automotive ecosystem: the AutoTech industry

The primary themes of the expo were autonomy, connectivity, mobility, and electrification. These themes resonated across stakeholder panel discussions, networking talks, vehicle displays, and award ceremonies. 

The event touched upon the applications of automotive technology in these areas, as well as the strategic opportunities and challenges created by them.

A Brief Account of CAEV Expo 2023: Major Highlights of the Grand Event

The CAEV Expo 2023 was a grand affair that brought together the best of the automotive world under one roof. 

  • Autonomous Vehicle technology was showcased with the latest advancements in simulation testing and LiDAR displayed by some of the biggest names in the industry. From sensors to software, the Expo had it all. 
  • The Automotive Connectivity section showcased how the latest technologies are transforming the way we interact with our vehicles. With features like remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and over-the-air updates becoming the norm, the connected car is no longer a concept of the future.
  • Electric Vehicles were another major focus area, and the CAEV expo did not disappoint. With battery technology advancing by leaps and bounds, the future of electric mobility looks brighter than ever before. 
  • Data Management and Intelligent Cloud technologies were also well represented, with companies showcasing their latest solutions for collecting, analyzing, and storing data from vehicles.
  • Infotainment systems along with complete digital cockpit solutions could be seen as companies demonstrated the latest in-car entertainment systems that are set to revolutionize the way we travel. 
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) were also on display, with companies showcasing the latest technologies that are making driving safer and more convenient. 
  • Additionally, Fleet Telematics & IoT Solutions were showcased, and this demonstrated how data from vehicles can be used to improve fleet management and optimize logistics.
  • Visitors also got an understanding of next-gen technologies such as Automotive Cybersecurity, Maps & Navigation, Simulation & Testing. These exhibits demonstrated the breadth and depth of innovation in the automotive industry.

The CAEV Expo 2023 was not just a grand display of the latest automotive technologies and innovations, but it also featured some of the most distinguished keynote speakers from the industry.

Dr K Subramanian from Ashok Leyland and Scott Morell from Danlaw were among the keynote speakers who shared some valuable insights on the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.

The reason for the CAEV Expo attracting such talents was the presence of some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. 

The sheer variety of companies that attended the Expo is a testament to its significance in the automotive industry. From established giants to up-and-coming startups, everyone was there to showcase their latest technologies and solutions.

Embitel’s Presence as Exhibitors at CAEV Expo 2023Key Takeaways from the CAEV Expo

Embitel had a significant presence as exhibitors at the CAEV Expo 2023, showcasing our latest innovations in the field of IoT & connectivity, automotive and EV technology. We set up two booths, each highlighting different aspects of our expertise and solutions.

In one booth, we focused on IoT innovations, where we displayed our digital cockpit solutions, infotainment systems, and telematics solutions. 

Attendees were able to experience firsthand, the intuitive and user-friendly interfaces of our digital cockpit solutions, offering advanced features and seamless connectivity. Our infotainment systems provided an immersive entertainment experience, while our telematics solutions demonstrated how connected vehicles can enhance safety and convenience.

We also showcased our ongoing work in autonomous vehicle technology development. This was a major highlight at our booth, where we shared our work in simulation testing of autonomous vehicle tech and the use of various sensors. 

Visitors had the opportunity to learn about the advancements in autonomous vehicles and witness how these technologies are shaping the future of mobility.

At our second booth, we focused on the EV industry and presented our motor control solution as the main attraction. Our motor control solution demonstrated precise and efficient control of electric motors, showcasing its compatibility with electric vehicles for enhanced performance and energy efficiency. 

Visitors were impressed by its capabilities and expressed interest in integrating it into their own electric vehicle projects.

Additionally, we showcased our proprietary tools for vehicle communication and diagnostics, which garnered a lot of attention from delegates and visitors. These tools demonstrated our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for seamless vehicle communication and diagnostics, enabling efficient ECU maintenance and troubleshooting.

One of the major highlights at our booth was our Virtual Experience Room, where we presented our demos in an immersive virtual reality format. Visitors had the opportunity to experience our solutions in a realistic and interactive environment, further enhancing their understanding of our offerings.

Our presence as exhibitors at the CAEV Expo 2023 allowed us to engage with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and potential partners. The positive feedback and enthusiastic inquiries we received about our solutions further validate our commitment to driving innovation in the automotive and IoT domains.

Experience shared by:

Vaibhav Anand, Content Strategist and Digital Marketer, Embitel Technologies

Vaibhav is a digital marketing professional with a deep-rooted interest in everything automotive. Regular collaborations with automotive tech guys keep him apprised of all new trends in the automotive industry. Besides digital marketing, Vaibhav is fond of writing and music.

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