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Emeryville, California, introduces contactless parking payments with the ParkMobile App

People in the city will be able to skip the meter and easily pay for parking on their mobile device

ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S., announced a new partnership with the City of Emeryville, California, to enable residents and visitors to pay for parking on their mobile device. ParkMobile is the city’s first mobile parking app and will be available at over 500 parking spaces around town. With the recent COVID-19 crisis, city leaders encourage residents and visitors to use the app instead of the meter or pay station to prevent the spread of the virus.

The ParkMobile app is the #1 parking app in the U.S., with over 22 million users, and is available for both iPhone and Android devices. ParkMobile can also be accessed on a mobile web browser for those who do not want to download an app. To pay for parking using the mobile or web app, a user enters the zone number posted on signs around the parking spot, selects the amount of time needed, and touches the “Start Parking” button to begin the session. The user can also extend the time of the parking session on their mobile device.

ParkMobile already has over 2.4 million users in the State of California. The app is widely available in most major cities in Northern and Southern California, including Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Berkeley, Monterey, Newport Beach, and more. Additionally, ParkMobile can be used to pay for parking at many colleges and universities in the state including, UCLA, Stanford, University of San Diego, Cal Poly, and San Jose State.

“Emeryville is thrilled to announce this new partnership with ParkMobile,” says Amber Evans, Economic and Community Development Coordinator with responsibility for installing paid parking in Emeryville “We know that people generally prefer to pay for parking with a mobile app, affording a touchless experience, and we are happy to provide this option to our residents and visitors, creating a better overall experience in the city.”

“ParkMobile is pleased to add Emeryville to our growing network of locations in California,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “We have a large base of users in the state, making it easy for people to use one app for contactless parking payments wherever they go.”

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