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ParkMobile to provide more contactless parking payment options through Google Pay

ParkMobile will enable parking payments through the Google Pay app in over 240 cities across the U.S., providing more convenience for users

ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S., announced that it is seamlessly integrating the ParkMobile experience within the new Google Pay app. With this integration, Google Pay users can pay for parking in over 240 ParkMobile cities across the U.S. without needing to download a separate parking app or create an account. These cities include Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Dallas, and Miami Beach.

To make a parking payment, a user will open the Google Pay app on their mobile device and tap to park from the home screen. The user will start a new session, enter the parking zone and space number, add time, and finish the payment. If it is the user’s first-time using Google Pay to park, the user also has to enter the car’s license plate number. Once the session has started, the user can easily extend parking time from the Google Pay app without going back to the meter.

“Combining ParkMobile and Google Pay provides an innovative new way to create a better parking experience in our city,” says Anthony Mack, Executive Director of the Newark Parking Authority. “This gives our residents and visitors more choices for contactless parking payments.”

This new Google Pay experience leverages the ParkMobile 360 Platform, which offers a set of tools and connections enabling technology partners to plug into ParkMobile’s vast parking inventory, creating new ways for cities and operators to add additional contactless payment options. Built for mass-scalability, the ParkMobile 360 Platform enables partners to roll out across hundreds of cities simultaneously. For ParkMobile clients, there is no additional work required, as all the rates, payments, enforcement, and reporting will still be handled through ParkMobile’s centralized systems.

“We are thrilled to provide Google Pay users with a new way to pay for parking in over 240 cities across the U.S. today, and look forward to expanding the solution to our complete network in the coming months,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “We have built our technology platform to enable our partner ecosystem to seamlessly connect to our APIs, delivering access to the ParkMobile network within their experience.  By doing this, we empower every driver, everywhere, with more choice when it comes to contactless parking and mobility solutions.”

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