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Endera showcases electric logistics truck in collaboration with Morgan Truck Body at 2022 ACT Expo

Endera, a technology company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure, and software solutions, showcased their zero-emission, all-electric logistics truck with Morgan Truck Body at the 2022 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California.

The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo is North America’s largest advanced transportation, technology, and clean fleet event, and the 2022 expo set a record with close to 8,000 event attendees.

Accelerating the shift towards clean technology and transportation, Endera debuted its latest zero-emission technologies at the show. Endera’s electric logistics truck features their all-electric powertrain platform designed for faster charge time, ease of serviceability, and safety, paired with a Morgan Truck Body that’s designed with lightweight materials including an aluminum subframe and rear bumper as well as foam core panels for increased payload capacity and range extension.

“Endera was thrilled to exhibit at the 2022 ACT Expo among some of the leading automotive brands. This event offered the opportunity to speak to event attendees about Endera’s new vehicle applications and EV technology, as well as the future of electric mobility” said, John Walsh, Founder and CEO of Endera. “As demand for electric logistics trucks rises, and the medium-duty trucking industry accelerates the electrification of their operations, Endera chose to collaborate with Morgan Truck Body, a leader in truck body manufacturing and innovation,” Walsh added.

Ideal for local distribution, pickup and delivery, the Endera logistics truck brings a clean commercial transportation solution for delivery cargo and provides optimal performance for a safe, quiet, and comfortable ride.

“Morgan Truck Body is committed to providing truck body designs that support the customers’ transition to electrification. Our truck body is designed with lightweight materials, including an aluminum subframe and foam core wall panels, that can help reduce energy consumption and increase payload. We appreciate Endera for choosing a Morgan truck body, built for clean energy transportation solutions, as we continue to help transform the transportation industry with our innovative products” said, Tom Diez, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

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