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NovaCHARGE deploys ChargeUP™ network cloud-connected, future-proof electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the University of Tampa

NovaCHARGE, a recognized leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) including EV charge port hardware, software, and its cloud-based network, ChargeUP, announced it has completed the first leg in a series of EV charger deployments at University of Tampa (UT).

The first deployment involved removing four outdated charger ports and replacing those with a total of six NovaCHARGE NC8000 Level 2 chargers. UT selected NovaCHARGE as a partner in fulfilling its commitment to sustainability and its status as a “green university.”

Martin Sorrentino, Energy Solutions Manager for UT, worked with NovaCHARGE before on other advanced deployments for the Florida city of St. Petersburg. He states, “We selected NovaCHARGE in large part because of my prior experience with them. It is a great company for us to align ourselves with as we expand our EV station network here on campus. Their availability and responsiveness are unparalleled, and our EV drivers—especially our main evangelists, students—find the ChargeUP app user-friendly and reliable.”

All six of the new EV chargers are interconnected with NovaCHARGE’s cloud based ChargeUP Network that provides an online management dashboard for remote administrative control, efficient load management, robust reporting, and unrivaled scalability.

“UT is a great example of an experienced EV charging customer who has decided to select new, next-generation technology to prepare for the high-volume future of transportation,” added Oscar Rodriguez, Chairman and CEO of NovaCHARGE. He added, “The highly scalable ChargeUP EV network solution leverages open-standard NovaCHARGE hardware to deliver business models that provide the flexibility and expansion needed to enhance the ROI of UT’s EV charging infrastructure.”

UT is looking ahead to other deployments and has already put in place infrastructure and conduit to support another 16 NovaCHARGE EV charging ports in various campus locations.

All new building construction at UT will be LEED-certified where the implementation of EV charging stations contributes to the points needed for a building to be certified.

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