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Ettifos to participate in Singapore National V2X Project

Ettifos announced on September 29 that it had signed a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This RCA reinforced the R&D partnership with NTU’s Connected Smart Mobility (COSMO) Program, where Ettifos is participating as a founding member of the COSMO Industry Consortium. The COSMO Program is a national project led by NTU that focuses on the creation of next-generation V2X architecture and ecosystems for smart mobility applications. Specifically, Ettifos and NTU will be working to create hybrid (DSRC + C-V2X) V2X communication software, framework, and applications that will be validated on the campus-wide V2X testbed infrastructure in the NTU Smart Campus.

As the world continues the debate on whether to establish DSRC (WAVE) or C-V2X (LTE V2X/5G NR V2X) as the standard for V2X ecosystem deployment, the COSMO program has preferred to instead develop and test architecture and platforms that are able to accommodate both V2X communication methodologies and provide an unbiased assessment on how hybrid C-V2X and DSRC can be adopted by the industry.

A spokesperson for Ettifos claims that by positioning itself as a part of the COSMO Program, Ettifos hopes to establish itself as a major player in the global market as a 5G Cellular + hybrid V2X Roadside Unit (RSU) and On-board Unit (OBU) distributor. Ettifos also believes that its participation in the program will increase its capacity to manage and research V2X equipment management systems.

Ettifos is a California, U.S.-based communications technology startup founded in 2018. It has positioned itself as a major competitor of Qualcomm through its proprietary technology developed in-house for DSRC and 3GPP Release 14/15-based C-V2X solutions and Software Defined Radio (SDR)-based 5G NR V2X Sidelink modems and solutions.

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