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Qualcomm delivers premium in-vehicle experiences for new PEUGEOT 308 with Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit solutions

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced that its Snapdragon® Automotive Cockpit Platform will be powering the stylish and digitally advanced communication and infotainment system, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, and featured in the new PEUGEOT 308. The new PEUGEOT 308 vehicles will feature the latest in digital and automotive technology designed to deliver a seamless and premium experience for drivers and passengers. Each vehicle will utilize the prowess of Snapdragon™ Automotive Cockpit Platforms to bring crystal clear graphics on the PEUGOT i-Cockpit’s high-resolution touchscreen displays, to support a natural and comfortable interaction between the vehicle and its occupants. The Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms also support precise positioning navigation, as well as voice command capabilities, wireless mirroring, and premium audio. 

The PEUGEOT 308 vehicles are currently available in France, and availability in additional countries is expected from 2022.

The Snapdragon Automotive Platforms featured in the PEUGOT 308 vehicles are designed to deliver an unprecedented level of performance and technology integration. It supports highly advanced infotainment and digital clusters, and the platforms are engineered to support rich, immersive and seamless connected in-vehicle experiences, while making next-generation vehicles more connected, smart and contextually aware.  With its power-efficient CPU cores, stunning and state-of-the-art GPU performance, integrated machine learning and powerful video processing capabilities, these Snapdragon Automotive Platforms are designed to provide unmatched connected in-car experiences, including responsive interfaces, immersive 4K graphics, high-definition media streaming, and immersive audio. 

“The vehicle’s cockpit has become the focal point of how drivers and passengers interact with their vehicles, becoming one of the most decisive points for potential customers when choosing a new vehicle,” said Linda Jackson, CEO of PEUGEOT. “At Peugeot we strive to provide the very best experiences to our customers, while keeping excellence, allure, and emotive design at the centre of everything we do. This technology has empowered us to continually innovate on our existing high standards in vehicle design, and to deliver the first-rate infotainment services and digital cockpit solutions demanded by modern consumers.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is delighted that our next generation Snapdragon Automotive Platform is helping bring premium in-vehicle experiences to the PEUGEOT 308 customers,” said Enrico Salvatori, senior vice president & president of Europe/MEA, Qualcomm Europe, Inc. “We are proud to be working with Peugeot, and driving digital transformation across the industry, with engineering, product and sales support to our European automotive customers.”

“There is a growing expectation among consumers and automakers for sophisticated and truly connected digital cockpit solutions,” said Nakul Duggal, senior vice president & GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are proud to bring our Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms to Peugeot to help bring premium digital experiences for smarter, smoother and safer journeys.”

Qualcomm Technologies’ integrated automotive platforms, including the Snapdragon® Digital Chassis, continue to grow the company’s telematics, infotainment and in-car connectivity businesses with an order pipeline of more than $10 Billion. Qualcomm Technologies’ automotive solutions combine a multitude of leading technologies, scale and experience to support the creation of advanced automotive infotainment systems. Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies bring next-generation technologies to automakers and Tier-1 suppliers around the globe.

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