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EVLAB debuts UAE’s first electric vehicle app

Date: December 04, 2023. — The EVLAB software, an all-in-one mobility software that allows users to hire, lease, and host their electric cars (EVs) in the UAE, has launched an app for users to buy and sell new and used EVs available in the Middle East.

The EVLAB App is intended to address the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions in the region. Electric car sales in 2020 have surged by 72 percent. The app backs the UAE’s strategic effort. Net Zero 2050 aims to make the country the first in the MENA region to attain net-zero emissions. Additionally, the app supports other national sustainability programs. It also backs initiatives such as the Dubai Green Mobility Strategy 2030. Moreover, this support has led to the establishment of over 1,000 public charging stations across the United Arab Emirates.

The app allows environmentally aware drivers to explore a distinctive collection of electric vehicle manufacturers available in the Middle East. They can also take advantage of EVLAB’s expertise in understanding the benefits of electric vehicles. Additionally, the app facilitates a seamless transition to sustainable mobility. Through a straightforward and painless user journey, drivers can select between short-term rentals, leasing, and hosting for their electric vehicles.

The booking process is simple, with intuitive navigation on the webpage using the rent, lease, host, and chat tabs. Users can save time and effort while searching for an electric vehicle that meets their demands and budget. They can filter possibilities based on brand preferences and factors like performance and range. The owners also verify the legitimacy and quality of service of all the listed automobiles and their hosts. In the second phase, owners of electric vehicles will be able to sell their vehicles on the platform. Moreover, they will receive full support from EVLAB’s experts at every stage.

Karim El-Jisr, co-founder and CEO of EVLAB, emphasized the inevitability of transitioning to e-mobility in the face of the accelerated pace of climate change. EVLAB’s continuous commitment to emission reduction has resulted in the successful saving of a cumulative total of 76,174 kilograms of CO2 to date. El-Jisr expressed pride in this accomplishment and highlighted the upcoming impact of the EVLAB App, designed to serve as a comprehensive solution for all electric vehicle needs in the UAE. With the app’s launch, EVLAB aims to simplify the transition to electric vehicles, making it more convenient for drivers and inviting them to contribute to the mission of promoting sustainable mobility in the Middle East.

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