Aptiv & Horizon Robotics to launch ADAS solution for vehicles in Q1 2024

Beijing (Gasgoo)- On November 29, Aptiv announced its ADAS solution, built on Horizon Robotics’ Journey®2 chip, for a prominent vehicle project with a leading Chinese brand. Scheduled for mass production in Q1 2024, this marks Aptiv’s initial project since its strategic alliance with Horizon Robotics in June’23, signaling its debut collaboration on an automotive-grade chip with a domestic supplier in China.

The ADAS solution secured for deployment integrates the Journey®2 chip, leveraging intelligent cameras for high-precision detection, specifically supporting lane recognition in challenging conditions. Compliant with C-NCAP 5+ star standards, it ensures stable perception and seamless comfort even in complex road scenarios, promising a safer and more comfortable driving experience for a wider range of users.

Horizon Robotics’ Journey computing solutions, including the Mono Solution based on the Journey®2 and Journey®3 chips, have become sought-after standard options for multiple car manufacturers due to exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, Aptiv boasts over 20 years of expertise in ADAS and robust local R&D capabilities.

Up to now, Horizon Robotics has shipped over 4 million Journey series chips and partnered with 30+ car manufacturers, showcasing a portfolio of 50+ mass-produced vehicle models in cooperation.

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