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Lincoln Electric unveils Velion™ EV fast charger

CLEVELAND – Lincoln Electric recently introduced the Velion™ DC Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles, a Level 3 DC fast charger platform that delivers fast charging speeds with unparalleled reliability for the ultimate performance and uptime. The Velion™ is designed with industrial-grade components. It leverages Lincoln Electric’s more than a century of experience designing, testing, and building high-quality industrial equipment that has stood the test of time. This also includes 50+ years of experience in manufacturing rugged, reliable electric power conversion systems. Moreover, Intend these systems for a wide range of harsh outdoor operating environments.

“Designers created the Velion™ to fulfill the stringent requirements of Charge Point Operators (CPOs) who install, operate, and manage networks of charging stations, as well as businesses with EV fleets that need reliable, fast charging,” said Steven Sumner, Vice President, Corporate Innovation, Lincoln Electric. “Our DCFC charger is the first and only American-designed and American-made EV charger. It not only meets but exceeds the requirements of the federal government’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program (NEVI).”

The inaugural 150kW Velion™ DC fast charger exceeds 75% domestic content. Engineers designed it to achieve a uptime exceeding 97% while delivering outputs of up to 1000V/150A and 500V/300A, maintaining a charging efficiency of 95%. It also, operates within the temperature range of -31° F to 122° F (-35° C to 50° C). This allows it to deliver reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions. Moreover, it is backed by Lincoln Electric’s multi-point service network across the United States.

Velion™ highlights:

  • Charging Type – DC Fast Charging
  • DC Output Voltage – 200-1000V DC
  • DC Output Current – Up to 150A
  • DC Output Power – Up to 150kW
  • Input Voltage – 460VAC +/- 10% (60Hz), 3-Phase, Protective Earth (UL Model)

Customers who choose the Velion™ DCFC charger will benefit from Lincoln Electric’s vertically integrated manufacturing of tens of thousands of inverter systems per year; complete customization of pedestal design, suitable for dual branding or custom designs; service network of factory trained repair technicians at locations across the United States; and scalable production capacity able to meet the needs of the expanding U.S. EV market.

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