Shared Mobility

Vulog launches AI enabled VaaS platform

NICE. November 30, 203. Vulog, a shared mobility solution provider, introduced its latest platform for Vehicle as a Service (VaaS) landscape. The target segment is B2C and B2B mobility operators.

Key Highlights:

Vulog’s platform empowers operators to seamlessly implement various shared mobility services across one fleet of vehicles. This includes vehicle sharing, rental, and subscription models. It will enable fleet optimization, enhancing the end-user experience.

Impact on Privately Owned Vehicles: According to automotive research firm Hedges & Company, there are approximately 1.5 billion cars worldwide. VaaS holds the potential to significantly decrease the number of privately owned vehicles. Moreover, this is facilitated by Vulog’s platform, ushering in a more sustainable mobility for a more sustainable world.

Environmental Benefits: In 2022 alone, mobility solutions powered by Vulog saved 200,000 tons of carbon emissions. Furthermore, with the introduction of its trailblazing VaaS platform, Vulog will save a projected 3 million tons annually by 2028.

Operational Excellence: Leo&Go Carsharing Profitable in Less Than 2 years: In September 2021, Vulog launched its Lyon-based Mobility Showcase, Leo&Go carsharing. The goal was to uncover operational challenges and devise impactful solutions via Vulog’s VaaS platform. Offering digital rental and subscription services with a fleet of 400 vehicles, the service reached EBIT profitability after only 21 months in operation, illustrating the profitability achievable through Vulog’s incomparable VaaS software solution.

Gregory Ducongé, Vulog’s CEO, expresses excitement about the platform’s potential, stating “Our goal is to empower mobility operators with a unified VaaS solution. This solution not only meets the diverse needs of today’s consumers but also enhances operational efficiency and profitability. Ultimately, it paves the way for a more sustainable future.”

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