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EVmatch and Wallbox announce partnership to improve consumer accessibility and reach of EV charging solutions

Electric vehicle sharing software and technology provider EVmatch, and Wallbox, a leading provider of EV charging and energy management solutions, announced a partnership focused on increasing charging accessibility and choice for EV drivers by allowing customers on the EVmatch platform to search for and charge at Wallbox chargers throughout the U.S. through an OCPP integration.

The U.S. saw a nearly 69% increase in the purchase of plug-in vehicles from the beginning of 2021 to the first part of 2022. These new drivers, as well as existing EV drivers, will need access to reliable charging options that fit their budget and lifestyle.

“We started EVmatch to address a major barrier to EV adoption, the lack of reliable and convenient charging options for renters and apartment dwellers,” said Heather Hochrein, Founder and CEO of EVmatch. “Our Wallbox partnership will further amplify our efforts to make charging reliable and accessible to all by combining our flexible sharing software with open-source technologies that will serve our industry at this critical moment.”

“At Wallbox, we’re focused on leading innovation within the EV charging and energy management space. Our EVmatch partnership will allow more charging hosts and drivers to have access to our Pulsar Plus Level 2 charger across homes, apartments, offices, and more,” said Douglas Alfaro, General Manager at Wallbox North America. 

The companies are confident that their partnership will help pave the way for further innovation in the industry and will allow charging to become fully accessible to drivers, home or apartment owners, and business owners, which will help democratize EV adoption.

EVmatch operates a nationwide peer-to-peer EV charging network, enabling individuals, business owners, and commercial properties to rent out private charging stations, earning money and supporting their communities.

Wallbox is a global technology company, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy. Wallbox creates advanced electric vehicle charging and energy management systems that redefine users’ relationship to the grid. Wallbox goes beyond electric vehicle charging to give users the power to control their consumption, save money, and live more sustainably. Wallbox offers a portfolio of charging and energy management solutions in more than 100 countries.

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