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Exide unveils new Battery Finder features

Exide Battery Finder tool from Exide Technologies helps guide car mechanics through the replacement process for passenger cars of the European parc, including hybrid and electric, and light commercial vehicles.

Once the correct battery has been identified – using the vehicle make/model selection, vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate number – Exide now offers accessible and detailed instructions on:

  • Battery location – For some vehicles, the position of the battery is not always obvious: it may be to the right or left of the engine, at the front or rear of the vehicle, under the bonnet or in the luggage compartment. Before Exide, users would have had to consult the vehicle handbook to find the battery location for their model, wasting time and energy.
  • Approximate labour time – The battery replacement process varies between vehicles and models. Knowing the approximate labour time allows mechanics to estimate the complexity and cost of repair in advance.
  • How to exchange the battery – Mechanics are shown how to connect and disconnect the vehicle’s battery, as well as set-up its related functions, such as initialisation of window lifters and gearbox settings, meaning they’re able to use the tool from start-to-finish.
  • If the replaced battery needs validation, and how to register this into the vehicle’s battery management system – Registration is an important part of the battery replacement process: it allows the vehicle to adjust to the new battery settings. Failure to correctly register a new battery may prevent the vehicle from starting or cause damage to its electrical system and the battery itself. Exide’s battery registration tool offers simplicity and peace-of-mind.

The gold automotive standard in battery fitment: available now

Free to use with mobile and desktop, the enhanced Exide Battery Finder tool helps customers find and fit the correct battery for their vehicle – limiting the risk of breakdowns and premature battery failure.

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