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Flare and Bolt partner for global rider safety

THURSDAY 18th APRIL, NOTTINGHAM, UK: — Flare, a company that develops safety products for riders, like cyclists or motorcyclists, focusing on lighting, visibility, or wearable tech and part of the Microlise Group, has forged a new partnership with Bolt, a company offering location tracking and emergency services for riders (cyclists, motorcyclists etc.) for improved safety, to elevate the safety and visibility of riders globally. This strategic alliance highlights Flare’s unwavering commitment to pioneering safety solutions and fostering a safe environment for all road users.

Bolt, which operates a micromobility fleet of 230,000 vehicles in more than 300 cities and 25 countries across Europe, has recently announced it is looking at the potential of introducing its scooters and e-bikes to the UK as a number of cities, including Nottingham, are due to renew their scooter operating licence.

Flare’s innovative technology is designed to pre-emptively alert drivers to the presence of vulnerable road users – such as scooter riders – particularly within blind spots, to effectively reduce the risk of accidents caused by human error. Through the integration of Flare into its platform, Bolt joins forces with the safety technology expert to proactively address safety concerns and promote responsible driving practices among its driver community.

This collaboration empowers drivers with real-time alerts, prompting them to take necessary precautions while navigating urban environments. Harnessing Flare’s advanced capabilities, Bolt and Flare aim to create heightened awareness and mutual respect between drivers and vulnerable road users, leading to a safer and more harmonious transport ecosystem.

Speaking on the new partnership, Richard Thorpe, Head of OEM & Emerging Markets at Microlise Group, said: “Navigating today’s roads safely requires innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to protecting every user, especially those most vulnerable. Our partnership with Bolt represents a significant leap forward in using cutting-edge technology to enhance visibility and safety for scooter and e-bike riders.

“By integrating Flare Aware’s proactive alert system with Bolt’s GPS technology, we are setting new standards in preventing accidents and ensuring safer journeys for everyone.” 

Dmitri Pivovarov, VP for Rentals at Bolt, said: “At Bolt, scooter and e-bike safety is our top priority, and we continue to invest in micromobility safety features and integrations like this to help support even safer scooter riding.

“Partnering with Flare Aware builds on our existing in-house developed safety features like our tandem riding prevention system, cognitive reaction test, and reckless rider score. It’s a reflection of our shared value to raise the bar even further for scooter and e-bike safety.”

Flare’s newest partnership with Bolt reaffirms its dedication to promoting safe and responsible mobility solutions, leading the adoption of technology-driven initiatives that positively impact road safety. By harnessing the power of Flare’s state-of-the-art safety features, both Companies aim to set new benchmarks for safety excellence within the transport industry.

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