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Fleetio integrates with contactless key management system leader Keycafe

Keycafe Inc. and Fleetio announced that Keycafe has introduced a software integration between it’s internet-connected key management solution with Fleetio’s vehicle fleet management software suite. 

Vehicle fleet managers using Fleetio can now use Keycafe’s internet connected smart key lockers to assign vehicle keys to their vehicle operators, maintenance crew, or other staff. By integrating the two solutions, when a fleet manager assigns a vehicle using Fleetio’s vehicle assignment feature, Keycafe will automatically send a unique 8 digit code to the user to pickup/dropoff keys using the SmartBox. The unique codes are only valid during the assignment, and can be deleted any time. The pickup/dropoff is easy and quick, and the internet connected SmartBox logs every transaction with remote, real-time monitoring from a cloud-based app or desktop.

Keycafe’s VP of Global Business Ops, Ryo Ogochi has the following comment:
“The integration between the industry leaders allows vehicle fleet managers to take advantage of a truly remote/contactless vehicle fleet management operation–fleet managers can look forward to saving time/cost, less lost keys/key mixups, and minimize face-to-face contact while covid still lingers around the world.”

Fleetio’s Meghan Saunders has the following comment:
“We’re excited to add Keycafe and their industry-leading key management solution to our growing list of integration partners. By connecting Fleetio with Keycafe, fleet managers will be able to save time by completely automating their vehicle assignment and access processes.”

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