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DESTEN unveils the EV ultra-fast charging technology for Indonesian market

DESTEN, an ultra-fast charging battery pack and solution provider, is introducing the ultra-fast charging solution alongside a DESTEN designed and engineered electric car which can charge from 0% to 80% state of charge in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. This breakthrough technology showcase will be introduced to the world in Jakarta this week. Later, DESTEN plans to showcase these innovations in a global roadshow starting in Asia, then The Middle East, Europe, and North America.

DESTEN’s ultra-fast charger, packed with 900kW of power, will be able to charge a DESTEN battery-powered car to achieve 500 km of range in less than 5-minutes.

Electric car adoption

The rollout of ultra-fast charging technology aims to overcome the major challenges in EV adoption, addressing drivers’ range and charging anxiety. DESTEN’s ultra-fast charging solutions enable drivers to charge an electric car as quickly as refueling a traditional combustion engine-powered car.

DESTEN’s ultra-fast charging makes charging more accessible for EV drivers in urban and high-density areas, as well as reducing the total number of charging systems required to service EV charging demand.  

“Five-minute charging can make electric cars far more appealing than they are today as we don’t require a change in driving behaviors, leveraging the same publicly available petrol station infrastructures. Soon you will be able to purchase electric cars with DESTEN batteries inside, you will not have to wait to charge your car at a charging station any longer than it takes you to fuel your combustion car today,” said Siamak Kia, CEO of DESTEN Group.

Innovative battery technology

DESTEN’s ultra-fast charging capability is the result of its breakthrough discoveries in materials and cell structures, featuring novel chemical formulations produced on a custom manufacturing line. The cell can achieve an industry-leading 3,000 cycles and over 1.5 million kilometres of total driving range. 

Fast charging usually entails high levels of heat build-up within batteries. Despite ultra-fast charging speeds, DESTEN batteries retain high thermal stability, remaining cool throughout operation. The batteries are also certified by external testing organizations to maintain temperatures of less than 15 degrees centigrade above ambient temperatures during operation.

Unlike other batteries, DESTEN battery cells do not require water cooling. This reduces costs and battery cooling systems’ weight, resulting in energy and cost savings.

DESTEN’s ultra-fast charging cells also allow for much-improved energy recuperation from driving. This creates the opportunity to design smaller battery packs for electric vehicles which cost less, making EVs more affordable.

With UN 38.3 certification, the battery has passed all safety tests, making it an ideal technology for automotive-grade battery solutions.

Better for the environment

The environment is one area in particular which DESTEN believes its eco-friendly battery technology can make a positive contribution to fighting climate change.

DESTEN’s battery cell technology is produced from primarily renewable energy sources, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

“As our batteries last many times longer than typical electric car batteries, our technologies are environmentally friendlier and more sustainable. At the end of their life in an electric car, our batteries can be used in energy storage systems for various applications, expanding their useful life,” said Kia.

Cities of the future

DESTEN’s technology provides advanced solutions for the ‘Smart Grid’ infrastructures for Future Cities.

These solutions address key challenges in energy transmission and management, such as frequency regulation and solving increased energy demand resulting from the proliferation of electric vehicles on the roads. DESTEN’s energy storage solutions also provide access to power for remote communities and off-grid industrial sites.

“DESTEN and Indonesia’s government have common goals to electrify mobility and integrate more sustainable energy projects into the existing grid. With the shift towards renewable energy in Indonesia and huge economic potential from the development of the entire battery value chain, Indonesia will strengthen its position as a global hub in energy innovation and one of the leaders of the international sustainability movement,” said Kia.

With the innovative technology from DESTEN, local governments, industries and academic institutes will be able to drive innovation in partnership with DESTEN to bring ultra-fast charging solutions and battery packs for electric cars to local and global markets.

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