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FPT launches ASE department to advance automotive education

HANOI, Vietnam – January 19, 2024. – FPT Software launches the Automotive Software Engineering (ASE) department in an effort to enhance university education for future engineers. This is an educational program that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, develop and maintain software systems for the automotive industry.

The program combines the principles of computer engineering and software development. It covers topics such as programming languages, software development methodologies, and automotive domain specific knowledge.

This initiative is jointly operated by FPT Automotive and FPT University. It responds to the recent advancements in automotive technologies and contributes to the development of high-quality human resources for this high-growth sector on a global scale.

The ASE department at FPT University will equip students with comprehensive knowledge encompassing basic automobile design principles and operations when they enroll. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of electronic and software systems. They can acquire specialized skills in designing, developing, and testing software systems and embedded systems of automobiles. This includes vehicle operation control systems, energy control systems, in-car environmental control systems, safety features, entertainment and connectivity systems. Additionally, they can specialize in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Through the guidance of experienced experts in automotive and embedded systems from FPT, graduates from this program will have the opportunity to work on various projects. They will collaborate with FPT Automotive’s clients globally.

The ASE department designs its curriculum with consideration for recommendations and standards from international institutions, including the United States Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), for undergraduate IT programs. It also adheres to the guidelines set by AQAS (The Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs) and ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accreditation for educational programs. Additionally, the curriculum aligns with international standards for functional safety in the automotive industry, specifically ISO 26262. Moreover, it incorporates guidelines related to automotive cybersecurity as per ISO 21434.

“The fast-evolving automotive industry calls for professionals with in-depth expertise in both automotive engineering and digital technology. They need a combination of skills, experience, and agility that AI cannot easily replace. FPT Automotive and FPT University are collaborating closely to nurture the next generation of automotive software engineers from Vietnam, contributing to positioning our home country as a prominent destination on the global tech map,” said FPT Automotive CEO Kinh Nguyen.

“Compared to other markets globally, resources for automotive technology in Vietnam still require further improvement, with strengthened investment and focus. The collaboration between FPT University and such high-potential and reputable business like FPT Automotive will lay the foundation for developing a rich pool of talents and experts in this field. This will also present promising opportunities for young generations interested in automotive and technology. It will allow them to hone their skills and succeed in the global landscape,” – Dr. Tran Ngoc Tuan, Vice Rector of FPT University.

FPT Automotive and FPT University held the signing ceremony at the FPT Automotive Techday 2024. It was an event where business leaders and automotive tech experts gathered to exchange insights and discuss the latest industry trends. This event follows the recent launch of FPT Automotive  and the opening of its office in India, marking the company’s commitment to its expansion and development strategy.

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