BorgWarner unveils electric drivetrain tech at SIAT 2024

Pune, India, January 23, 2024 – BorgWarner presents its latest electrification products at the Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) 2024, which will be held at the Pune International Exhibition and Convention Center, January 23-25, 2024. BorgWarner will showcase these products in booths 238 and 241 in zone C of the exhibition area. They will demonstrate high-voltage drivetrain innovation, including eMotors, inverters, drive modules, and battery systems. Advanced thermal management products, including high-voltage eFans, will be showcased. Additionally, they will also feature air and coolant heaters for air and coolant.

“This year’s SIAT Expo features a well-represented electrification portfolio from BorgWarner,” said Sudhir Kumar Chawla, Managing Director of BorgWarner Emissions Systems India. “SIAT is an opportunity for visitors to gain insights into BorgWarner’s vision for electrified mobility and see our latest products and technological advances.”

High-voltage product development dominates the BorgWarner booth. The latest 800V inverter uses Viper silicon carbide power modules. These modules optimize conduction and reduce switching losses by up to 70% compared to silicon-based technology. The high-voltage hairpin eMotor HVH320 is a powerful and durable electric motor/generator. Design it for use in on- or off-highway commercial vehicles and other special high-power applications. It features world-class power density with peak efficiency greater than 97%. BorgWarner designed the modular platform iDM220 as an integrated drive module to customize for individual applications. It satisfies 150 to 250kW power requirements in 400V systems, and up to 500kW in 800V form.

Thermal management solutions at the BorgWarner booth include the high-voltage coolant heater, high-voltage air heater. Additionally, a range of eFans is available, providing cost-effective cooling for electric commercial vehicles. The booth also features eCoolers for power electronics and intercell battery thermal management.

Also showcased at BorgWarner’s booth are DC fast chargers and the 9AKM 150CYC battery system, which uses cylindrical cell (CYC) battery modules with very high energy density for long-range applications. BorgWarner will also showcase its electric torque-vectoring disconnect (eTVD) unit. Its combined torque vectoring and disconnect functions enables a single motor on the rear axle to minimize energy losses versus the typical twin motor layout.

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