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Francis Energy brings fast charging capability to Cherokee Nation for its first electric buses

Francis Energy, a developer of direct current fast chargers (DCFC) for electric vehicles with a focus on rural communities, is bringing electric vehicle fast charging to the Cherokee Nation for its first-ever all-electric buses. Francis’s chargers are located in various locations throughout the Cherokee Nation, including Tahlequah and Stillwell.

The Cherokee Nation has deployed two electric transit buses to transport employees and tribal citizens to work and tribal health centers, and its first electric school bus for Sequoyah High School in Tahlequah. All three electric buses replaced diesel-powered buses thereby reducing harmful tailpipe pollutants in the community. 

“The Cherokee Nation is a leader in environmental stewardship and natural resource protection, so we were pleased to continue our partnership with them by bringing our DCFC solution to power these new electric buses,” says David Jankowsky, founder and president of Francis Energy.

“Francis’s mission is to eliminate range anxiety and to ensure that no community is left behind or without charging access as we shift to increased use of electric vehicles, and we’re glad to see the Cherokee Nation continue to be a leader in this transition,” Jankowsky continued.

“The Cherokee Nation has always been a leader in forward-thinking efforts that will reduce harmful activities impacting our natural resources,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. “Our responsibility as stewards of the land, air and water will always be one of our most significant values, so working with Francis Energy and introducing eco-friendly transit options to our fleet is the perfect example of how we can make a great difference in our environment.”

Francis developed the first comprehensive statewide network of DCFC in Oklahoma, and it remains the only state in the nation to have DCFC access every 50 miles. The new chargers for the Cherokee Nation come on top of the more than 500 other electric vehicle charging stations Francis has built across Oklahoma over the last two years. 

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