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Mobilogix and Comprovei announce strategic partnership in IoT solutions

Mobilogix, the leading provider of cost-optimized State of the Art cellular IoT solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Comprovei, a leading Logistics and Delivery Management Solution Provider. Together the companies will offer innovative Platform, Device, and End-to-End IoT solutions which will further enable expansion across multiple market verticals. Both partners leverage great strength in Asset Tracking across complex Logistics Networks. 

Mobilogix serves to support Comprovei in providing a vast array of complimentary solutions including BAT-X and BTM250 series.  With the growing demand in Latin America for precise Temperature Monitoring of sensitive assets, the pairing of our devices with Comprovei’s Logistics platform solves those challenges seamlessly. “It is a critical time to serve the market’s growing needs,” said Mathi Gurusamy, CEO of Mobilogix. “We are pleased to leverage our synergies to penetrate the market for both partners.”

“Comprovei is focused on Multi-mile Delivery Management System based on real-time Visibility, e-POD (Proof of Delivery) and Control Tower,” said Halley Takano, CEO of Comprovei. “Mobilogix’s IoT solutions, fully integrated with Comprovei’s DMS platform, is aligned with our commitment to a high-quality solution for our customers. We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership and look forward to launching many exciting solutions together.”

Mobilogix BAT-X is a battery-operated global tracking device utilizing low power LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT technology with 2G Fallback and embedded Bluetooth gateway capabilities. BAT-X is smart logic-enabled to maximize battery life and comes with a fully configurable sensor feature set.

BTM250 is the ideal pairing to use with Mobilogix cellular solutions to connect assets in Construction, Pharmaceutical and Logistics industries. The BTM250 leverages Bluetooth 5.0 technology providing extended range, double the speed, higher density advertising and improved battery life for enhanced operations in existing applications and enabling new solutions.

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