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FreeWire technologies files patent for EV charging control method

Date: February 23, 2024: FreeWire Technologies, an electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has filed a patent for a novel method to control the current during EV charging. The current control method is designed to optimize power delivery to electric vehicles. It ensures that they receive the most efficient and safe charging experience possible. The method involves monitoring and adjusting the flow of electricity to prevent damage or overloading, while also minimizing charging times. This innovation aims to enhance efficiency and optimize energy transfer, potentially leading to improved performance for electric vehicles.

The patent describes a technique for regulating the current flowing from a source battery, likely a charging station, to the target battery in an electric vehicle. This method utilizes a buck converter operating at a fixed switching frequency to transfer power. By precisely controlling this frequency, the patent suggests achieving more effective regulation of the charging current.

This approach offers the potential to unlock multiple benefits. Firstly, it can lead to enhanced efficiency through precise current control, which minimizes energy losses during the charging process, thereby resulting in more efficient charging. Additionally, the method provides improved control over the charging process. It enables consideration of factors such as battery health and grid stability while optimizing charging speed.

Moreover, there is the potential for faster charging with this approach. By implementing precise current control, it may facilitate faster charging times while ensuring safety and preserving battery health. These advantages highlight the significance of this approach in advancing charging technology. It promises greater efficiency, control, and speed in the charging process.

While the patent is currently under review and awaits approval, it signifies FreeWire Technologie’s continuous efforts to develop innovative solutions for advancing EV charging technology. This method, if proven effective, could contribute significantly to the future of efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging.

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