Electric Vehicle

Gentherm receives first production vehicle award for its ClimateSense™ technology

Gentherm announced that the Company has received its first production vehicle award for its ClimateSenseTM technology on an all-new 2024 model year electric vehicle with a global automaker. 

ClimateSense is Gentherm’s proprietary microclimate solution comprised of advanced thermal products, integrated electronics, embedded software and a revolutionary thermo-physiology based, human-centric approach.

“Our ClimateSense microclimate technology will help OEM customers achieve their electrification goals by increasing vehicle range and energy savings, while delivering a best-in-class personalized thermal experience,” said Phil Eyler, President and CEO of Gentherm. “We are excited about this first production award for ClimateSense and the potential our technology has to address the growing needs of the electric vehicle market.”

Designed, developed, and manufactured by the Company, ClimateSense technology seamlessly integrates into the existing vehicle architecture utilizing localized convective and conductive heating and cooling solutions, to create personalized comfort while significantly reducing HVAC energy consumption. Published studies show the technology can deliver between 50 to 69 percent energy savings in cold-weather testing and 34 percent energy savings in hot weather testing, when compared to only using the existing central HVAC system.

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