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Geotab and JESI join forces to help organizations manage the safe movement of remote workers

Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation and JESI, an Australian-based Global Remote Worker Management company, announced the availability of JESI’s safety solution on the Geotab Marketplace. JESI seamlessly integrates with Geotab’s award-winning telematics solution, enabling organizations to better control risks associated with remote workers operating across multiple geographic locations and diverse work environments.

Available globally, Geotab and JESI collectively deliver a scalable safety solution to help organizations with workers operating in potentially high-risk scenarios to reduce risk by automating emergency alerts and enabling real-time responses to critical events.

“As a company dedicated to improving fleet safety, enabling business and fleet leaders to mitigate risk is critical, especially for those working in remote environments. By collaborating with innovative partners like JESI, we are able to help these organizations keep their employees safe through increased visibility and check-in alerts,” said Louis De Jong, Executive Vice President at Geotab. “Geotab is excited to expand our Marketplace offering to include an Australian-based company who truly understands the crucial importance of improving safety for workers in high-risk circumstances or remote locations.”

Both compelling and powerful, Geotab and JESI provide organizations with a centralized dashboard to help manage people and vehicle assets together, irrespective of where they are located. More importantly, in the event of an incident or emergency, organizations have access to pertinent information with one click.

“Geotab and JESI have worked together over the past 12 months to develop a solution that gives organizations a significant competitive advantage,” said Joe Hoolahan, CEO at JESI. “By offering the JESI solution on the Geotab Marketplace, we are equipping organizations around the world with the potential to help reduce employee injury or death while also saving company time, money and resources.”

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