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Geotab wins Google cloud cross customer award 2023

TORONTO, Aug. 28, 2023 /CNW/ – Geotab Inc. (“Geotab”), a connected vehicle technology provider announced that it has been named a Google Cloud Customer Award Winner for 2023 Communications and Service Providers Industry. It’s accomplishments in collaboration with Google Cloud showcase a transformational approach in using data and analytics solutions. Additionally, they aim to improve efficiency and sustainability in the transportation industry.

“Connected vehicle technology plays a crucial role in advancing sustainable transportation,” said Neil Cawse, President and CEO of Geotab. “At Geotab, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions, driven by data intelligence, to meet future transportation requirements. Our collaboration with Google Cloud amplifies our efforts to reduce emissions, promote electric vehicles, and provide top-tier solutions to businesses.”

Geotab has received recognition as a Cross-Customer winner for three consecutive years. It receives recognition for driving innovation and developing sustainable fleet solutions and tools with Google Cloud. Recognition for this award stems from its ability to provide AI-driven recommendations, benchmarking, and performance assessments. It simultaneously allows our customers to optimize, streamline, and scale their fleet’s data, supported by Google solutions. Also, Geotab’s comprehensive suite of green technology includes the Green Fleet Dashboard, fuel management solutions, and tools to support EV adoption and management. Google further supports these solutions, enabling customers to make progress toward their sustainability goals.

As the world’s largest EV telematics provider and signatory of the Climate Pledge, Geotab is committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions in the transportation sector. In addition, Geotab’s sustainability-focused tools and solutions, including the launch of its line of business Geotab Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) received Google Cloud’s Award in 2022. Moreover, the Electric Vehicle Self Assessment (EVSA), received Google Cloud’s Award for Sustainability in 2021. 

Geotab continues to build relationships with critical partners in the transportation ecosystem. This includes vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers, governments, and others to enable more sustainable transportation systems. Neil Cawse, CEO and President of Geotab, recently sat down with Michael Clark, Vice President North America Regions, Google Cloud. They also collaborated and discussed the sustainability transformation in transportation using telematics data and insights from Geotab, powered by Google Cloud. To view that video, please visit this link.

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