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HAAS Alert debuts cross-brand car communication at CES 2024

HAAS Alert will showcase a new connected car-to-car capability powered by Safety Cloud®, a networked vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication solution.

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan 3, 2024 – In a groundbreaking milestone for the automotive industry, HAAS Alert is set to unveil the world’s first-ever cross-brand car-to-car communication capability between Volkswagen and Stellantis vehicles at the Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) Showcase during CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This revolutionary advancement is powered by HAAS Alert’s platform Safety Cloud. It promises to redefine the future of road safety and transportation by enabling alerting and notifications between vehicles from different manufacturers. This opens up shared connected car safety solutions between automakers.

Stellantis has already equipped two million vehicles in North America, including 2018-and-newer models of Chrysler, Jeep® brand, Dodge, and RAM vehicles. They can receive digital alerts. These alerts cover the United States and Canada. They come from over 3,200 public safety agencies, roadside assistance fleets, and transportation agencies. Moreover, all of these entities have vehicles and equipment connected to Safety Cloud. When these Stellantis vehicles are approaching hazards in the roadway, drivers receive advance warnings. This also gives them time to make safer, smarter driving decisions.

COVESA is debuting the new digital alerting. The CES show floor and private demo drives showcase it. This expansion enhances the capabilities of Safety Cloud for vehicle manufacturers by allowing their vehicles to send messages to other vehicles connected to Safety Cloud when necessary. Integration partner Emergency Safety Solutions activates H.E.L.P.®, which warns oncoming drivers of disabled or stopped vehicles vulnerable on the road. Safety Cloud delivers alerts to approaching drivers through in-vehicle systems and navigation apps, notifying them that a hazard is ahead. Moreover, this helps in reducing the risk of potential collisions by providing timely warnings to drivers.

The unveiling of this breakthrough capability at CES 2024 marks a major advancement in the world of connected vehicles. Moreover, it represents a significant step towards achieving safer and more efficient transportation networks.

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