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HERE and Goodyear enable predictive tire maintenance

HERE Technologies announced that its location services are being integrated into the Goodyear Total Mobility one-stop fleet management solution. The solution offers a suite of vehicle-to-fleet operation management tools that are fully customizable.

The one-stop fleet management solution combines data from Goodyear’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with HERE location services. Goodyear TPMS is an advanced sensor and predictive algorithm solution that helps fleets avoid up to 90% of tire-related breakdowns. With HERE location services, fleet operators and Goodyear service providers in Europe can localize a vehicle in need of service or road assistance within a few meters and navigate them to the nearest maintenance station. In addition, Goodyear has been using the HERE SDK (Software Development Kit) to provide a mobile application for commercial drivers.

The HERE SDK is a set of programming interfaces that gives access to the rich portfolio of HERE services, such as in-vehicle navigation, traffic alerts, transit information and fleet management features. The HERE SDK provides vector maps in over 190 countries and in 60 languages with optimized map data size for minimized download latency, fast response times, while scaling to a high degree of fidelity. Map customization tools enable various adjustments, such as highlighting of important objects on a map by changing colors and icons, as well as editing dynamic properties of cartography objects including buildings, roads and land use.

The HERE SDK mapping, routing and search functions incorporate truck specific road information, vehicle regulations and points of interest. HERE Routing also enables fleet managers to deliver optimized navigation routes incorporating the attributes of the roadway, legal and physical restrictions and adjusted road hierarchy and topology.

“HERE location technology is bringing clear added value to our Goodyear Total Mobility customers. In the daily fleet operations, every minute counts and being able to locate a vehicle in a timely and precise manner is key to minimizing downtime. In case of a service need, this can be managed in a user-friendly manner – via a mobile application for both drivers and dispatchers. Working with HERE allows us to offer state-of-the art data solutions that drive efficient and sustainable results,” said Grégory Boucharlat, Vice President for Commercial Europe at Goodyear.

“We are proud to be working with one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers and mobility providers. By integrating our advanced data and location services into Goodyear’s easy-to-use solutions, we contribute to building a safer, more efficient and cleaner world,” said Gino Ferru, General Manager EMEAR and Senior Vice President at HERE Technologies.

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