Press Release

Hesai Pandar128 ground truth LiDAR supported on NVIDIA DRIVE autonomous vehicle platform

Hesai Technology Co., Ltd., a global leader in 3D LiDAR sensors, announced that its Pandar128 has been qualified as a ground truth LiDAR for use in the NVIDIA DRIVE autonomous vehicle (AV) platform.

Hesai’s latest solution will be critical to the development of AV systems, which require object detection and identification. Hesai’s LiDAR will be used to provide inputs for each sensing modality to create a reference against the AV LiDAR-enabling identification functionality. It will be used to accurately label and train data, along with creating accurate 3D maps.

“NVIDIA is a technology force in the autonomous driving industry with its DRIVE autonomous vehicle development platform,” said Dr. David Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Hesai. “Together, we can offer developers robust ground-truth LiDAR functionality for the next generation of functionally safe and secure autonomous vehicles.”

“The open and flexible NVIDIA DRIVE platform is designed to streamline AV development and reduce cost as sensors such as Hesai’s Pandar128 LiDAR are already qualified to deliver the ground-truth performance and seamless integration capabilities customers need,” said Gary Hicok, Senior Vice President of Engineering at NVIDIA.

Hesai has been part of the NVIDIA DRIVE partner ecosystem since 2019. The company’s LiDAR solutions offer proven performance, manufacturability, and automotive-grade reliability to meet the rigorous requirements of autonomous driving. They have been widely used by autonomous driving developers and automakers worldwide.

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