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Horizon Robotics to co-develop smart driving solutions with Nullmax

Horizon Robotics and Nullmax entered into a strategic partnership on August 6 to co-develop the solutions for intelligent driving applications, supporting the automotive industry in realizing the application of innovative technologies.

Under the agreement, the two companies will develop a tailor-made solution for the integration of algorithms and chips by leveraging their respective products and technologies related to autonomous driving. To be specific, Nullmax’s autonomous driving software algorithm will be integrated with Horizon Robotics’ intelligent computing platform dedicated to the Journey 3 and Journey 5 chip series, in a bid to assist automakers with the integrated application of smart driving and parking.

Horizon Robotics said the “algorithm plus chip” integration solution will feature sound safety and reliability and is capable of meeting multiple intelligence demands that auto brands require their main platform-based vehicle models. Besides, the solution will also be compatible with the car platforms in diverse segments. The collaboration will make both parties fully employ software and hardware performances, while further improve stability and lower power dissipation.

Nullmax is one of the earliest companies in China that obtained autonomous driving road test license in California, USA. Nullmax had deployed an autonomous driving development team and test fleet both in Shanghai and Silicon Valley. Nullmax’s solution applies technical routes based on vision and multi-sensing integrated perception. The complete autonomous driving solution developed by Nullmax will soon go into volume production to power several car models in the near future.

Horizon Robotics, serving as a Chinese leading provider of edge AI chips, boasts the advanced capabilities in designing AI algorithm and chips. On July 29, the company launched the Journey 5 chip, its third-generation automotive-grade AI chip following the Journey 2 and the Journey 3. The newly-launched chip features up to 128 TOPS processing capabilities for a single processor.

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