Horizon & Wind River team up for automated driving solutions

ALAMEDA, CA — July 31, 2023 — Wind River® announced a strategic collaboration with Horizon Robotics to advance smart driving solutions. Horizon is a provider of energy-efficient computing solutions for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) for consumer vehicles in China.

The collaboration between the two companies will enable OEMs to leverage a fully integrated ADAS hardware/software solution. It is based on Horizon’s Journey series computing solutions and the Wind River cloud-to-edge portfolio. This will reduce time-to-market and cost by simplifying development and integration. High-performance and cost-effective technologies ideally suit next-generation applications such as automated driving and powering the software-defined vehicle.

As a pioneer in commercializing embedded passenger-vehicle ADAS and automated driving (AD) products in China, Horizon’s self-developed Journey series computing solutions cover all scenarios of automated driving. Horizon and Wind River will enable Wind River software, including VxWorks®. Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform, a safety-certified Type 1 hypervisor-based multi-tenant platform. Wind River Linux; and Wind River Studio, on Horizon’s Journey series product.

“The auto industry in China is transforming tremendously, and Horizon continues to create the computational foundation for the era of smart vehicles,” said Dr. Kai Yu, Founder and CEO of Horizon. “We are committed to enhancing automated driving efficiency through collaboration with upstream and downstream partners. We are honored to establish this collaboration with Wind River. By leveraging the core capabilities of Horizon and Wind River, we will provide differentiated integrated solutions for OEMs. It resultes in safer and optimized mobility for consumers.”

“Our collaboration with Horizon is an important step in building an open, innovative, and collaborative ecosystem, which is paramount to the development of the smart mobility industry,” said Avijit Sinha, chief product officer of Wind River. “The combination of Wind River software and Horizon hardware will allow OEMs to better leverage the advantages of localized development and delivery for next-generation automotive solutions. Together, we look forward to further advancing the software-defined vehicle and smart driving.”

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