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Huawei launches new brand for intelligent vehicle solutions

Huawei, the leading global ICT infrastructure supplier, launched on Oct. 30 the brand “HI” for intelligent vehicle solutions, which is aimed at jointly developing intelligent-connected electric vehicles (EVs) with automakers by using Huawei’s full-stack intelligent car solutions.

The “HI” solutions encompass an all-new architecture for computing and communications, and five intelligent systems focusing on intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent electrification, connectivity and intelligent automobile cloud respectively. Besides, the solutions still involve the full set of intelligent suits including LiDAR and AR-HUD (augmented reality head-up display).

Under the brand, new computing and operating systems will be offered, containing three computing platforms for intelligent driving, intelligent cabinet and intelligent vehicle control system, as well as three operating systems—HOS (Harmony OS), AOS and VOS, focusing on automobile cockpit, intelligent driving and smart vehicle control.

Powered by the computing and operating systems, vehicles can be “defined by software” with new functions being continually developed, according to Wang Jun, president of Huawei Smart Car Solution BU.

The foundation of the “HI”, which stands for HUAWEI Intelligent Automotive Solution, is of not only a technical innovation for intelligent vehicle field, but also represents an innovation of business models, said Wang Jun.

The “HI” solutions will embrace a highly automated driving system (ADS) which is based on a Level 4 autonomous driving architecture and is able to provide full-stack solutions for Level 2 plus to Level 4 autonomous driving. Based on machine self-learning technology, it is capable of self-learning and self-evolving.

Huawei established on September 8 an electric technology company, according to Chinese database query platform Tianyancha, signaling its further offensive into the automobile-related domain.

Involving a registered capital of 250 million yuan ($37.228 million), Huawei Electric Technology Co.,Ltd.—that’s what the newborn company is dubbed—is wholly owned by Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd., according to Tianyancha. Its business scope extends to cover the sale and manufacturing of intelligent in-car devices and the R&D and testing development of engineering and technologies.

Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. has added such businesses as the R&D, production, sale and service of automotive parts and intelligent system to its business scope, local media outlets said in mid-August.

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