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Hyundai and HARMAN Launch Road Noise Cancellation System into Productions

HARMAN International has launched an active road noise cancellation system for a production vehicle in partnership with Hyundai Motor. The Road-Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) system, which according to the company is world’s first such system, reduces the in-cabin noise level by cancelling out unwanted sound originating from the tires and road surfaces while driving.

The Genesis GV80 SUV that was launched in January this year in Korea is the first production car to feature the RANC technology. The SUV also incorporates other technologies from HARMAN’s HALOsonic suite of sound management solutions that comprises Engine Order Cancellation (EOC) and Electronic Sound Synthesis solution (ESS) to both enhance engine sound inside the vehicle (internal ESS) and create new sounds for hybrid and electric vehicles to comply with applicable AVAS regulations (external ESS).

The RANC control processor uses reference signals received from acceleration sensors placed strategically along the suspension and chassis to predict noise transferred into the cabin and to generate an anti-noise wave in real-time. Compute time and signal transfer speed are optimized to allow for an analysis of the intruding noise and the generation of the anti-noise within milliseconds, thereby preventing the noise from reaching the occupants’ ears. Error microphones constantly monitor the system performance in each seat location to ensure a more pleasant ride for all vehicle occupants.

The RANC system is the result of years of research and continuous development, bringing together the expertise, R&D capacities and IP patents of HMC and HARMAN’s HALOsonic suite of noise management technologies.

Source: Harman

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