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Hyundai Mobis & Autotalks partner to develop 5G V2X

Hyundai Mobis Co., is said to partner with Israeli chipset maker Autotalks Ltd. They will collaborate to develop 5G network-based vehicle-to-everything (V2X) integrated control technology to bolster the safety of autonomous vehicles.

The car parts unit under South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group will begin developing technologies to meet the latest specifications of the 5G-based V2X international standard later this year. It will start marketing to global clients in 2024, Hyundai Mobis said on Sunday.  

5G V2X is a communications technology, allows vehicles to exchange enormous amounts of data with other vehicles, infrastructure, networks and pedestrians in real time. It is a core technology of the fourth level of self-driving. This level achieves full autonomy, while a human driver retains the ability to take control.

Autotalks’ V2X prioritizes safety, addressing car-crash prevention in both manned and autonomous vehicles. US semiconductor giant Qualcomm Inc. announced in May that it will acquire the Israeli company. Financial details on the deal were not disclosed.

Hyundai Motor Co., Korea’s top automaker, and Hyundai Mobis affiliate closed a strategic partnership with Autotalks in 2018. The partnership aimed to accelerate the development of the next-generation chipset for connected cars.

5G V2X is vital for self-driving, enabling unmanned vehicles to perceive surroundings and control motion, Hyundai Mobis said. In comparison,  conventional advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) rely on sensors that send alerts to drivers and lack a controlling system, it added.

Hyundai Mobis said 5G V2X will also help reduce accidents as a driver can see vehicles and pedestrians in blind spots through videos inside the car.

The company plans to strengthen its leadership in the global autonomous vehicle market by spurring automotive module production. It also aims to enhance its position through telematics technology integrated with V2X.

The company is accelerating the development of telematics, technology that uses a mobile communications network to share vehicle information with an external control center for enhanced safety and convenience. This development also aims to provide a better infotainment experience.

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