India Today Group partners with Bosch for in-vehicle connectivity

Date: December 08, 2023.India Today Group (ITG) and Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW) have announced a strategic partnership to offer cutting-edge in-vehicle connectivity solutions for customers.

Through the partnership, customers will be able to access ITG’s news material via BGSW’s Adrenox platform. Adrenox is a comprehensive ecosystem for end-to-end connectivity. It manages, integrates, and validates many partners to provide a smooth user experience. The recently released XUV700 and XUV300 are among the ITG vehicle lines. Bosch is responsible for the development, integration, validation, and management of the Adrenox platform for these vehicles.

The Adrenox platform includes connectivity capabilities such as vehicle diagnostics, remote control, geo-fencing, and emergency help. These features may be accessible via mobile apps and smart watches. The platform was designed in India with software and system competencies for on-board and off-board use. It also includes an end-to-end security element based on ESCRYPT, a Bosch subsidiary.

The collaboration intends to harness both ITG and BGSW’s innovation capability. This aims to offer a unique value proposition for customers. Individuals can experience an engaged and hands-free method of staying informed while driving. The collaboration also highlights the automobile industry’s expanding trend of digitalization and connectivity. This trend offers immense possibilities for new products, services, and business models.

Salil Kumar, CEO of India Today Group Digital, expressed enthusiasm about the groundbreaking alliance with BGSW, emphasizing the transformative nature of their collaboration that brings together automotive innovation and cutting-edge media content delivery. He highlighted the partnership’s commitment to providing a seamless and enriching experience to the audience. This commitment fosters innovation not only within their homes but also on the move.

R K Shenoy, CTO and Senior VP at BGSW, shared insights into the collaboration’s alignment with BGSW’s vision to provide world-class software products and solutions for OEMs in their digital transformation journey. Shenoy emphasized the collaboration’s potential to offer innovative features that enhance the connected end-user experience, blending seamlessly with media content. He expressed excitement about the partnership with ITG as a demonstration of their commitment to introducing new features for end users. He also expressed anticipation for further innovation at the intersection of automotive and media domains.

The ITG news app, powered by the Adrenox platform, is presently available on select Mahindra SUVs, including the XUV700 and XUV300. It will be expanded to more vehicle types and brands in the near future. Using voice commands and a touch screen, users can access ITG’s news material in a variety of categories, including politics, sports, entertainment, and business. The program also takes advantage of the AdrenoX interface. It utilizes the built-in Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to carry out a variety of voice queries.

The partnership between ITG and BGSW is expected to set a new benchmark for in-vehicle connectivity solutions in India and beyond. It also aims to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty for both brands.

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