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Innova launches intuitive touch screen OBD2 diagnostic tablet

Guided Diagnostic Interface Helps Automotive Technicians Efficiently Find and Fix Car Problems

Innova Electronics Corporation announced the launch of its Innova® 7111 Smart Diagnostic System (SDS) diagnostic tablet for US market. The Smart Diagnostic System is an all-in-one solution with a diagnostic tablet and the RepairSolutions2 knowledgebase delivering the most complete diagnostic system in single form factor to make it easier for technicians and advanced automotive enthusiasts to efficiently find and fix problems on vehicles.

The 7111 Smart Diagnostic System features touch-screen user interface to help technicians more quickly and accurately find and fix issues on their customer’s cars and trucks. With this guided diagnostic system, users can easily find detailed information faster by category, including emissions system status, vehicle codes and severity, adaptations, relearning, calibration and initialization. Other advanced features include the ability to conduct bi-directional system testing and diagnostic routines; OEM enhanced level diagnostics; trip cycle and service resets.

This tablet also provides a complete Network Scan with diagnostic results for supported vehicles to monitor the status of control modules such as power door locks, remote keyless entry and HVAC systems operation. This feature enables repair shops to inform customers of issues beyond those found during an initial visual inspection, which can result in expedited repairs, prevent future roadside failure, upsells for the shop and fewer repeat visits from the consumer.

SDS includes direct, built-in premium access to Innova’s RepairSolutions2 knowledgebase, featuring more than 60 million fixes verified for accuracy by ASE Certified master technicians. Users get vehicle-specific inspection reports with fixes, guided diagnostics and troubleshooting information to efficiently find and fix problems related to a vehicle’s on board diagnostic system. And for those looking for guidance on which part is needed to fix the problem, the recommended parts with in-app parts purchase is available featuring LifeTime Link, which connects the user with the part needed to expedite the parts purchase and procurement process. Printable reports also show scheduled and unscheduled service maintenance, factory and NHTSA recalls, technical service bulletins and predictive diagnostics to alert users about potential issues with their vehicle. These reports can be used by automotive repair shops to inform the customer and obtain authorization, and provide collision shops with pre and post scan capabilities. It also includes remote diagnostic support and updates from Innova’s ASE Certified technical support team.

While primarily intended for professional automotive technicians, advanced automotive enthusiasts will find tremendous value with the easy-to-navigate, pro-level features offered in this tablet. The MSRP for the Smart Diagnostic System is $849.99. The Innova® 7111 Smart Diagnostic System diagnostic tablet will be available online at

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