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Innoviz perception solution supported on NVIDIA DRIVE platform

Innoviz Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software, announced its advanced perception solution is now supported on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. 

NVIDIA DRIVE is an open, scalable, software-defined, end-to-end AI platform for the transportation industry to build upon.

As a member of the NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem, Innoviz’s perception software enables object detection, tracking, and classification, as well as obstacle detection and ongoing calibrations based on Innoviz’s LiDAR point cloud data. The perception software complements Innoviz’s automotive-grade LiDAR sensor and provides the ability for an in-depth understanding of any 3D driving scene.

In addition, Innoviz’s LiDAR sensor is also integrated with NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, an end-to-end, physically accurate simulation platform for development and validation of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Innoviz connects via DRIVE Sim’s RTX-Sensor application programming interface (API) to a real-time sensor module using a solid-state scanning pattern. DRIVE Sim is powered by NVIDIA Omniverse, which uses real-time ray tracing to generate return signals for the Innoviz sensor model. With Innoviz’s integration, the DRIVE Sim output allows for an approximation of the sensor output in each scene, leading to a point cloud generation for further annotation and training.

For a video simulation, please click on this link: Embedded DRIVE Sim video 

Innoviz’s Point Cloud API, as provided in GitHub, is being ported to an ARM64 base and the NVIDIA DRIVE platform—and will be available to the developer community by November 2021.

“Our collaboration with NVIDIA allows customer access to Innoviz’s leading LiDAR solutions,” said Oren Rosenzweig, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Innoviz. “Our participation as an ecosystem partner marks another major step in our mission to integrate LiDAR with the most prominent software and driving infrastructure in the world.”

Rammy Bahalul, Director of Autonomous Machines and Vehicles at NVIDIA, commented: “With Innoviz technology in the NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem, customers can accelerate their AV development and deployment by tapping into automotive-grade, high-performance, solid-state LiDAR for their specific development requirements.”

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