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IPG Automotive unveils CarMaker 13.0

IPG Automotive recently released CarMaker 13.0 product family. In addition to a new HD Scenario, the simulation and test software puts forward new 3D models and an extended configurable ground truth sensor. Furthermore, the program can now be linked with virtual reality headsets.

The latest version of the CarMaker product family offers users a more realistic visualization of scenarios and models. In addition to different application extensions.

An HD city tunnel scenario includes difficult lighting conditions, emergency bays, inner tunnel junctions, road works, and accidents. This, for example, covers various edge cases. Moreover, new 3D models allow for customized simulations. Own vehicle models can be integrated into Movie NX without using a third-party tool.

The new version of the Scenario Editor increases efficiency and ensures an even more realistic scenario generation. It includes extended processing of .kml files, improved visualization of road markings, and optimization of HD Live Maps import, as well as OpenDRIVE import/export. In the background, OpenSCENARIO Converter now supports OpenSCENARIO versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.

The extended ground truth sensor adds another novelty. It allows for the generation of precise ground truth data, especially for the development of AV and ADAS applications, in a modular, flexible, and powerful way. It also supports the recognition of static landscape objects.

The company released CarMaker Office Extended as a product variant with CarMaker 13. Users can now test specific ECU hardware in real time without requiring a complete HIL environment.

Movie NX, the visualization tool of the CarMaker product family, now optionally supports two VR headsets: HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite and Meta Quest Pro. They increase the immersive effect and provide a better perception of distances and 3D objects. The high level of realism allows for the execution of function tests and risk analyses in a very realistic environment with high efficiency and precision. It also enables the development of new application areas.

Aside from an extended wheel suspension model, CarMaker 13 also offers a new hydraulic brake model. This model can simulate integrated power brakes. Two additional innovations include the physical sensor API, which integrates user-specific signal processing. This now enables the direct output of all impact points of emitted beams with an additional access point. Moreover, can adapt the modularized IPGDriver model independently from the test run, allowing consideration of various driver profiles in powertrain applications, for example.

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