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IRP Systems joins FISITA’s global automotive engineering network to accelerate electric vehicle technology adoption

IRP Systems, the leading provider of cutting-edge electric powertrain solutions, has joined FISITA, the international membership organization for automotive and mobility systems engineering community. Joining FISITA is part of IRP’s mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles through its breakthroughs in electric powertrain systems.

One of the most urgent challenges facing the global automotive industry is the need to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. FISITA fosters cooperation and technological advancement among its members through pre-competitive collaboration, and IRP will leverage FISITA’s global engineering network to help solve the strategic challenge of CO2 emissions through the adoption of revolutionary and affordable e-powertrain technologies. IRP will also collaborate with industry leaders on the integration of next generation e-powertrain technologies to accelerate the transition to electrification.

“We are very pleased to welcome IRP Systems into FISITA’s International Connected Community as it seeks to pave the way forward in the electric mobility industry. The inclusion of new tech players such as IRP in our global engineering community makes a great impact and is a significant contribution to FISITA’s elite group of automotive industry leaders. In the new mobility era, innovators play a crucial role in enabling the wider industry to react and transform more quickly and accelerate the speed at which they bring innovation to realization, said Chris Mason, FISITA CEO.

“Innovation and breakthrough technologies are the only way to take big leaps forward and to overcome seemingly impossible challenges and barriers. This is what IRP is best known for. Earth can’t wait for us to gradually shift toward EVs. We need to speed up this transition, and we are very proud to take this responsibility upon ourselves. We encourage other tech players to join and to revolutionize electric mobility,” said Moran Price, CEO and Co-Founder of IRP Systems.

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