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MINIEYE In-Cabin Sensing solution Wins ‘Best Automotive Solution’

On May 25, Edge AI and Vision Alliance announced the Best Visual Product Award of 2021. MINIEYE In-Cabin Sensing Solution won in the category of “Best Automotive Solution,” which is also its first appearance in the international industry alliance.

Edge AI and Vision Alliance, formerly known as Embedded Vision Alliance, was established in 2011. It is an international industry alliance composed of more than 100 leading companies and is committed to the innovation and application of computer vision and edge AI technology.

“The Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards recognize the most innovative and impactful new products in edge AI and computer vision,” said Jeff Bier, founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. “We congratulate MINIEYE on our judging panel’s selection of its In-Cabin Sensing Solution as the best Automotive Solution of 2021.”

Vivian Yang, Head of Smart Cockpit Department of MINIEYE, said that she was honored to be awarded Best Automotive Solution in 2021. It represents that their efforts and achievements in intelligent cockpit have won international recognition. Intelligent cockpit is another important direction for the development of automobile intelligence besides autonomous driving. In the future, MINIEYE will continue to empower customers and create an intelligent and safe cockpit experience.

As an auto tech developer, MINIEYE is devoted to leveraging embedded computer vision technology and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive perception technology for intelligent cockpit and self-driving vehicles. By tracking the visual attributes of drivers and passengers in the cockpit, such as head direction, facial expression, gaze, gesture, body action, etc., it can perceive and judge their identity, behavior, emotion and intention, provide them with security and enhance the intelligent interaction experience. At the same time, it can also detect personal items such as mobile phones, wallets and pets to prevent them from being left in the car. The highlight of MINIEYE In-Cabin Sensing Solution is the human-computer interaction system, based on vision technology, such as gaze interaction, gesture interaction and head action interaction. MINIEYE believes that the future trend will be that the cockpit system will provide scene-based and personalized services for different states of drivers and passengers based on the perceived information.

At present, MINIEYE In-Cabin Sensing Solution has assembled more than 100,000 vehicles; clients include Dongfeng, JMC, SF Express, and a newly emerging, top EV.

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