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TuSimple opens new autonomous trucking facility in Texas to meet rising demand

TuSimple opened a new facility in Dallas-Fort Worth to support the continued expansion of the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network. The new facility will extend the company’s autonomous operations eastward, and allow for autonomous operations in the Texas Triangle, which includes Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. The new purpose-built facility not only expands the company’s footprint, but will help meet the growing demand of shippers, carriers and fleets for access to safe, reliable and low-cost autonomous capacity.

The new facility serves as another milestone for TuSimple, placing the company six months ahead of schedule in completing the first of a three-phase plan to build a nationwide autonomous freight network by 2024. TuSimple offers service between Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.    

“With each new expansion of the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network, we’re able to offer the advantages of our autonomous driving technology to new customers, while increasing value to existing customers,” said Jim Mullen, Chief Administrative Officer at TuSimple. “As we rapidly expand, one of our biggest challenges has been keeping up with customer demand.”

TuSimple’s Texas expansion comes at a time when the logistics industry is experiencing a growing driver shortage, rising transportation costs and an increase in truck-related accidents. Autonomous trucks offer a promising solution to the challenges facing the trucking industry today offering increased capacity, decreased operational costs and enhanced levels of safety.

The new facility in Alliance adds over 50 new transportation jobs to the local community, including safety drivers, maintenance technicians and operations personnel. Additionally, the facility will serve as a template for future TuSimple terminals and allow for easy replication of this process as the company continues to expand its Autonomous Freight Network nationwide.

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