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Israeli start-up Tactile Mobility raises $9 million

Tactile Mobility, a company that provides smart and autonomous vehicles (AVs) with the missing tactile sensing and data has raised $9 million in funding from Porsche, Union Tech Ventures and existing investors. With this minority investment, Porsche is intensifying its collaboration with this Haifa based Israeli Technology Company.

Tactile data simulates a sense of touch. In this process, an algorithm processes data that is provided by different physical sensors which are already available thus Tactile sensing and data makes vehicles smarter, roads better, and enhances mobility-ecosystems. Tactile Mobility’s platform offers many value propositions. Through its software licensing and data services, OEMs leverage a unique system empowering them to give smart and autonomous vehicles the tactile capacity that augments vision and auditory sensing. The missing sense delivered by Tactile Mobility is central for both smart vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

For mapping companies, road authorities, transport associations, insurers, the company’s cloud-based analytics generates a SurfaceDNATM HD map layer of great accuracy and coverage, outlining roadway grades, banking, curvature, and any hazards such as bumps, cracks, and potholes. This level of information is immensely valuable for planned maintenance, real-time hazard detection, post-accident analysis, and more. To Fleet managers, car manufacturers, part suppliers its hardware and web tool, offers vital information for optimizing fuel consumption, fuel theft detection, route pricing, AND preventive maintenance

Tactile Mobility plans to use the funds primarily to strengthen its development as well as sales activities and promote the collaboration with other automotive manufacturers, mobility service providers as well as municipalities and road authorities in the US, Europe and Asia.

Porsche plans integration of this technology into series production cars for the beginning of the next decade. Amongst other use cases, tactile data can further improve the assessment of the friction coefficient between tyres and the road surface while a vehicle is moving. Additional potential for the use of the technology also lies in applications for the predictive servicing and optimisation of the battery management.

Source: Press Release

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