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JustPark: A secured app for parking cars!

Few areas of modern life are as untouched by technology as parking, with figures showing that the average driver is wasting 106 days of their life searching for a parking space.

Finding a parking space and that too in UK…people become Sick of driving around in circles trying to find a parking space!!! To eliminate the excursion….A new app called JustPark could be just the ticket, allowing drivers to find, book, pay for and navigate to a free spot directly from their car dashboards.
The car is widely considered to be the next major tech battleground, with digital tech still a rarity in a largely analogue in-car experience. The release of the JustPark in-car app follows the recent launch of Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android-based Open Automotive Alliance, with the GSMA (the trade body for mobile operators) estimating that there will be over 60 million connected cars on the road globally in the next five years.
The JustPark app connects drivers to over 100,000 parking spaces, predominantly in the UK but increasingly in the USA, Australia, and countries around the world. These spaces are on domestic driveways, in churches, car parks, hotels, pubs, schools, and more. They typically cost half the price of their on-street equivalents and can be booked either on the spot or in advance, for as long as you need. It is used by over half a million drivers. The app is unique because it aggregates parking spaces across a variety of inventory and on both a short- and and long-term basis. It also integrates into the dashboard of BMW MINIs.
Using the in-car app, drivers can seamlessly find, book, pay for and navigate to a parking space through their dashboard, eliminating the inconvenience of circling around looking for a suitable spot. Drivers can browse a wide selection of 100,000 parking spaces across the UK, from car parks and hotels to domestic driveways and pubs. Once they have chosen and paid for a space, they are directed to their destination by the car’s navigation system. The in-car app is designed to be used while on the move, having undergone extensive safety testing by BMW laboratories in Munich, Germany.
JustPark revealed that MINI will be the first car brand in the world to allow drivers to reserve parking directly from their dashboards. The move grew out of the partnership between JustPark and BMW, which invested in JustPark in 2011. The partnership is mutually beneficial – BMW benefits from the cutting edge parking innovation being developed by JustPark, while JustPark is able to showcase its product in BMW cars.
According to JustPark official sources “The car is very much the next big tech battlefield, with tech companies rushing to make the dashboard the next smartphone. We predict this move will go even further, with more intricately interwoven car tech to come.” Since, Infotainment and in-car apps are only available in high-end automobiles. Therefore, justpark officials believe that car brands will have to raise their game to compete as smart in-car systems become the new normal.
Therefore, parking industry is looking towards JustPark as next game changer in the parking infotainment industry. Also, JustPark gives drivers the convenience of finding and reserving an affordable parking space in moments.

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