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Karma Automotive Joins the Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Karma Automotive has joined the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. Southern California-based company is known as a creator of luxury electric vehicles like Revero GT. The company is a high-tech incubator which offering innovators a platform to prove their emerging technologies.

Formed in 2020, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation is focused on creating a safe and transformative path for sustainable industry growth. The Alliance represents the manufacturers producing nearly 99 percent of cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. The newly established organization, a combination of Global Automakers and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, will be directly involved in regulatory and policy matters impacting the light-duty vehicle market across the country.

Members include motor vehicle manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, technology and other automotive-related companies and trade associations. The Alliance for Automotive Innovation is headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in Detroit, MI and Sacramento.

“Being part of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation significantly amplifies Karma’s voice supporting policies that encourage the technical excellence needed to build future personal transportation solutions,” said Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. “Karma is a high-tech incubator; an open platform, a test bed for emerging innovation, and a supplier to others who need our engineering, design, customization and manufacturing resources to speed their product development or access to technology.”

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation and Karma’s membership announcement comes just two weeks after the association’s introduction at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Source: Press Release

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