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KeepTruckin launches powerful command-center visibility across daily fleet operations with newly integrated GPS tracking technology

All-new next-gen GPS tracking solution offers comprehensive visibility into fleet operations from anywhere

KeepTruckin, the leader in fleet management technology, announced a next-generation GPS tracking portfolio powered by best-in-class live visibility to help fleets maximize productivity and better serve their customers. Fleet View is a proprietary live map that brings everything a fleet does in a day across GPS tracking, ELD compliance, and driver safety into one powerful view. High-frequency telematics data from the Vehicle Gateway (ELD), AI-powered Smart Dashcam, and solar-powered Asset Gateway automate tasks from this command-center and improve efficiency across daily fleet operations. The new KeepTruckin Fleet App allows executives and field managers to access this mission-critical fleet data from anywhere via their mobile device.

Fleet View aggregates and visualizes live and historical location data to help businesses develop informed strategies across the drivers, vehicles, trailers, and equipment they operate. Driver hours of service (HOS) data paired with vehicle status, visuals from the AI-powered Smart Dashcam, vehicle health and maintenance alerts, and real-time map layers like weather create an intelligent command center for businesses to make data-driven decisions about where their fleet has been, and where they go next.

Management can watch vehicles drive down the road in real-time, dispatch faster by locating the closest driver to a pickup location, optimize driver routes, and maximize daily productivity with real-time alerts. Fleets can also enhance customer service by sharing live locations containing accurate ETAs with third-parties, verify timely delivery, or review a driver’s breadcrumb trail for accurate billing or claim disputing related to time logged onsite.

Fleet View’s integrated map also contains rich insights for trailers and equipment regarding detention times to help increase profitability and maximize utilization. Automatic notifications alert fleets when assets are dormant for extended periods of time or when they’re moved from virtual boundaries to prevent theft, lost assets, and unauthorized use. Location-based data for trailers and equipment helps eliminate time-consuming yard hunts, while advanced reporting streamlines mileage-based maintenance and automatically creates an actionable snapshot into asset history for intelligent resource allocation.

This powerful command-center visibility is also available on-the-go through the new KeepTruckin Fleet App. Now managers can access their fleet’s operating data from anywhere, 24/7, without being tied to a desk.

“Our modern, best-in-class GPS tracking technology brings everything customers need to run their business into one place,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO of KeepTruckin. “Our comprehensive map view and high-frequency location data automatically gives fleets the mission-critical visibility they need to make smarter business decisions about how they operate, and how to better serve their customers. We’re excited to help businesses everywhere thrive with an integrated view of their daily fleet operations that is accessible from anywhere.”

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