Lectrix EV launches LXS G2.0/3.0, with 93 game changing features

Date July 27, 2023 SAR Group’s e-Mobility Arm, Lectrix EV, launched its latest electric vehicle models, the LXS G2.0 and LXS G3.0. Packed with an array of 93 game-changing features, these cutting-edge electric vehicles are set to redefine the standards of sustainable transportation.36 safety features, 24 intelligent features, 14 comfort features, and numerous other features are included with these scooters. The main goal is to give you modern, secure, intelligent, and connected mobility.

The LXS G2.0/3.0 models boast significant advancements in performance, range, and technologies, making them stand out as frontrunners in the electric vehicle market. Among the standout features is an upgraded battery system, utilizing the latest lithium-ion technology, which enables an extended driving range of up to 100+ KMs on a single charge. This remarkable range is set to alleviate range anxiety and revolutionize the EV experience for consumers worldwide.

Inside the cabin, Lectrix EV has integrated a state-of-the-art infotainment system with enhanced voice recognition capabilities, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. The infotainment system not only provides entertainment features but also serves as a hub for accessing various vehicle functions, including climate control, navigation, and safety features.

The products provide technological features not found in the industry’s current EVs, including auto-indicators, smart ignition, helmet warning, vehicle diagnostics, ride statistics, remote seat control via mobile app, anti-theft mechanism, and many other technological features.

The Lectrix EV LXS G2.0/3.0 has garnered widespread attention and excitement from electric vehicle enthusiasts, industry experts, and potential buyers alike. The sleek design, enhanced performance, and comprehensive list of features are expected to attract a significant number of environmentally conscious consumers looking for a top-tier electric vehicle.

The LXS G2.0/3.0 will start delivering by the 16th of August, across India nd pre-orders have already begun through Lectrix EV’s official website and authorized dealerships worldwide. With the anticipation surrounding the launch, Lectrix EV is poised to make a major impact on the electric vehicle market and further solidify its position as a leader in e-mobility solutions.

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