Yaary an ONDC compliant mobility app launched in Hyderabad

In a bid to empower drivers and boost their earnings, the Hyderabad Auto & Taxi Drivers Association (HATDA) has partnered with Tiffy Digital to launch India’s first ride-hailing app Yaary on the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform. The app aims to address concerns like car unavailability and excessive commissions charged by other platforms.

ONDC is a government-backed initiative aiming to create an open and interoperable digital commerce ecosystem. It is designed to facilitate seamless transactions between various stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, service providers, and government entities. ONDC provides a common set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Use these APIs to promote interoperability between different digital commerce platforms.

Yaary is a transportation app that allows users to book auto rickshaws and taxis at inexpensive prices. Moreover, there is no surge pricing or hidden fees associated with the service. Live tracking, driver ratings, and cashless payments are also available through the app. Users can use Yaary via the Paytm app, which, together with Mystore, Spice Money, and Magicpin, is one of the four active buyer applications on the ONDC network.

Yaary will assist drivers, according to HATDA, by allowing them more control over their wages and working hours. In comparison to other platforms, the app will charge a minimal commission of 5% per ride. The app will also offer rewards, insurance, and training to drivers. According to HATDA, Yaary has over 10,000 drivers and hopes to expand to additional cities soon.

“We are proud to partner with Tiffy Digital and ONDC to launch Yaary, India’s first ONDC-compliant mobility app,” HATDA president M. Venkatesh stated at the launch ceremony. Yaary is a customer and driver favorite because it provides a fair and transparent service that benefits both sides. We hope that Yaary will transform the mobility industry and level the playing field for all participants.”

Tiffy Digital CEO Rajesh Kumar said, “We are delighted to collaborate with HATDA and ONDC to bring Yaary to the market. Yaary is a unique app that leverages the power of ONDC to provide a seamless and secure mobility experience to the users. Yaary is not just an app, but a movement that empowers drivers and customers alike.”

ONDC MD and CEO T. Koshy said, “We congratulate HATDA and Tiffy Digital for launching Yaary, the first mobility app on the ONDC platform. ONDC aims to democratize the digital commerce sector by creating an open and interoperable network that can integrate various modes of transport, such as metro, buses, and auto rickshaws, on a single platform. We look forward to seeing more such innovative apps join the ONDC network and serve the needs of the customers.”

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