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TomTom & Microsoft partner for in-vehicle generative AI

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 19 December 2023 – TomTom (TOM2), the location technology specialist, announced that, together with Microsoft, it is bringing the benefits of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to the global automotive industry.

TomTom has developed a fully integrated, AI-powered conversational automotive assistant. It leverages Microsoft’s advancements in AI to enable voice interaction with infotainment, location search, and vehicle command systems. Drivers can converse naturally with their vehicle. They can ask the AI-powered assistant to navigate to a certain location and find specific stops along their route. Additionally, they can vocally control onboard systems, such as turning up the temperature, opening windows, or changing radio stations. All with a single interaction.

The solution integrates Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, leveraging large language models. It also incorporates Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Cognitive Services. The voice assistant can be integrated into other automotive infotainment systems. This enables automotive customers to accelerate time-to-market on a customizable interface. They can retain ownership of their branding and the driver experience. The solution is also built into TomTom’s Digital Cockpit, an open, modular in-vehicle infotainment platform.

“Together with Microsoft, our shared vision is to drive innovation with generative AI and provide our customers with even better solutions,” says Mike Schoofs, Chief Revenue Officer, TomTom. “Leveraging our navigation and technology expertise, we’re creating a groundbreaking new way for people to interact with their vehicles. With both companies integrating what they do best into one solution, we’re transforming the in-vehicle experience. This also enables drivers to ask their car for anything and trust it will deliver.”

“With this next generation of AI, we have a unique opportunity to accelerate innovation across the entire automotive sector,” said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President for Manufacturing and Mobility, Microsoft. “We’re building on our longstanding collaboration with TomTom. Moreover, we are bringing together AI advances across the Microsoft Cloud with TomTom’s automotive expertise to provide drivers and carmakers with new AI-powered tools. This integration will enable OEMs to offer highly differentiated and unique cockpit experiences, while preserving their unique brand identity.”

TomTom started working with Microsoft in 2016. TomTom powers Azure Maps location services, and the companies later expanded their partnership to mapping data and services for Microsoft’s first-party maps. As a natural evolution of their relationship, the companies are now collaborating on automotive solutions, driving innovation for generative AI-powered automotive solutions, and developing an in-vehicle digital cockpit and infotainment solution with cloud analytics.

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