LeddarTech adopts an automotive software business model to support ADAS and AD solutions

LeddarTech®, a provider of flexible, robust and accurate ADAS and AD sensing technology, is announced it is adopting a business strategy that translates to greater financial and team resources dedicated to an automotive software business model.

For over a decade, LeddarTech has been at the forefront of developing sensing technology that has served the mobility, on-road and off-road markets worldwide. For several years, the company has invested heavily in developing a one-of-a-kind raw data sensor fusion and perception solution. This solution has received multiple awards and the attention of major global automotive Tier 1s and OEMs.

LeddarTech’s fusion and perception software solution, LeddarVision™, is a high-performance, scalable, sensor-agnostic and auto-grade solution that delivers highly accurate 3D environmental models. In addition,  LeddarVision supports all SAE autonomy levels by applying AI and computer vision algorithms to fuse raw data from sensors employed in L2-L5 applications. LeddarTech’s use of raw data fusion detects very small obstacles on the road with better detection rates and fewer false alarms than legacy “object fusion” solutions. In addition, unclassified obstacles are also detected, providing an additional layer of safety to the vehicle.

“I am excited to announce the next stage of LeddarTech’s evolution as a leader in automotive software for ADAS and AD applications. “stated Mr. Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. “We initiated our foray into automotive software several years ago, and our development has led to a unique award-winning solution that is highly regarded  by an industry struggling to solve the challenges of accelerating the large-scale adoption of greater autonomy.” Mr. Boulanger continued, “The conclusions of market analysts and customers  clearly support that we are in a unique position with a software  solution that OEMs need to enhance ADAS and AD performance.” Mr. Boulanger stated, “The market’s need for a sensor fusion and perception solution that can be easily integrated and includes all the benefits of LeddarVision has never been greater, and our use of raw data fusion makes our offering even more attractive to customers.” Mr. Boulanger concluded, “The LeddarTech team is excited and eager to move ahead on our path and  have  dedicated ourselves and our technical efforts to the ambitious yet attainable goal of being the most adopted sensor fusion and perception software solution in the market.”

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