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MiX Telematics introduces new KPI management SaaS module

MiX Telematics, a SaaS provider of connected fleet management solutions, launched a new, integrated KPI management module for subscribers to its premium fleet solution.

Built as an extension of MiX’s embedded dashboards and self-service analytics capabilities, this unique and innovative functionality is fully customizable by customers – allowing them to visually track their performance on specific issues impacting their fleet’s risk, safety, efficiency and sustainability.

The software empowers users to set and then monitor their organization’s progress against critical business objectives on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis. It leverages MiX‘s highly configurable and flexible data engine to systematically draw conclusions without user intervention. Dashboard visualizations instantly reveal problem areas that may require faster action or intervention.

“We are really excited about this innovation and so are our customers,” says Catherine Lewis, Executive Vice President of Technology at MiX. “It delivers compelling value in a very simple and easy-to-use interface. With no effort at all, our solution makes sense of the data and provides insights to customers on how they are progressing and where they need to focus their attention.”

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