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MiX Telematics and CANGO partner to deliver advanced fleet data experience

MiX Telematics, a leading global SaaS provider of connected fleet management solutions, is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with CANGO Mobility, a specialist in the development of products and solutions for advanced CANBUS and vehicle data signals.

MiX Telematics provides modular and scalable connected fleet SaaS solutions to customers in more than 120 countries, delivering transformative outcomes, with a return-on-investment of typically 10:1 and collision reduction of 60% with their premium telematics and video solution.

CANGO’s comprehensive rich vehicle data CANBUS Library augments the MiX solution by unlocking the full potential of fleet vehicles’ raw data sets, for extensive analysis and customer outcome creation within MiX’s SaaS solution.

“Whilst OEM partnerships are accelerating quickly and are a key pillar of our customer experience strategy, many existing vehicles in our customers’ fleets do not yet benefit from OEM connected fleet capabilities. In such scenarios, it is vital that our customers should still experience the benefits of deep vehicle data. Our partnership with CANGO enables us to extend this rich data experience, augmented with the extensive analytics and fleet optimization SaaS tools that we specialize in”, states Catherine Lewis, MiX Telematics’ Executive Vice President of Technology.

“We are happy to contribute to MiX’s journey and vision for future fleet management solutions that will bring more added value in the market. This partnership is based on close collaboration between both teams; it is gratifying to see that CANGO’s experience and expertise related to CANBUS and vehicle data processing is highly valued by one of the leading global providers of fleet and mobile assets solutions”, says Puiu Dumitru, CANGO’s Chief Executive Officer.

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