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LEMO launches ground autonomy & robotics solutions

When it comes to connectivity solutions, considerations encompass cabling, connector styles, weight, bend relief, and size. Lemo provides intelligent vision and sensing connectivity solutions for autonomous mapping and navigation that address these considerations. 

Published in our 2023 Quarterly Insight Q1, AUVSI recently polled people across a wide spectrum of uncrewed industries regarding industry growth by use case. They also inquired about the hurdles to growth for the year ahead. The results found:

Views on Growth by Use Case: Growth was expected to be moderate to high across all use cases, including Logistics/goods transportation, Inspections, and People Transportation. Moreover, this expectation was based on the opinions of a majority of survey participants.

Views on Hurdles to Individual Company Growth: A majority of survey participants perceived the hurdles to their own company. Furthermore, the need for innovation and investment to be moderate to heavy across all technical domains surveyed, including Power/Propulsion, Sensors, Components, and Navigation Systems.

Lemo’s Ground Domain Scenarios and Solutions

Lemo knows that the best solutions for autonomous systems meet at the intersection of performance, cost, and lead time.

Autonomous Ground Vehicles

  • Ground vehicles require connectors and cables that interconnect many different sensors to a central computer. They must do this while using minimal cable length.
  • The problem: Multiple sensors home-run into the central computer adds weight and cost for individual cable assemblies.
  • Lemo’s solution: Using ruggedized IP68 Single Pair Ethernet connectors and cabling can simplify the interconnect by assigning each sensor to  an IP address. Moreover, this can be attached to  the network by daisy-chaining.

Autonomous Trucks

  • Long-haul autonomous trucks require connectors and cables that interconnect the tractor to the trailer for cameras and sensors.
  • The problem: Rugged connectivity is needed for outdoor use with many coupling and decoupling cycles. All while maintaining full high-speed ethernet performance in a high vibration environment.
  • Lemo’s solution: Using ruggedized full 4-pair Ethernet connectors and cabling increases the bandwidth needed for communicating with cameras and sensors in an easy to use ratchet-coupling connector.

LiDAR on Autonomous Vehicle

  • The problem: Laser light must couple directly from the roof-mounted LiDAR unit to the control center inside the vehicle using fiber optic cabling. Moreover, along with several signal conductors in a single cable. Additionally, connectors and cables need to be watertight.
  • Lemo’s solution: Incorporate a single ruggedized APC (Angle Physical Contact) fiber contact along with 2 crimp contacts into a single connector and cable. Furthermore, you can easily connect and disconnect this using a push-pull connector.
  • ​​Benefits: Faster speed and greater bandwidth, Size and Weight, Electrical interference, Lower losses, and Securit
  • Challenges: Cleaning /Repair, Fragile, Low power, and Adds additional devices

The Lemo Difference

With their expertise with realistic solutions, Lemo simplifies the user experience and guides customers to their best solutions. 

Furthermore, their Research and Development is at the forefront of developments in key market segments and can propose innovative custom solutions to customers.

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